Abstract war

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Letra de Abstract war


Sitting for two years in a single trench
we are not allowed to think of what we did today
listen to the orders of the general
how long will it take 'til we get out of here
running down the hill of the human race
no stop in sight
we are caught in a hopeless situation
do you understand?
a whole city has just been bombed to dust
soldiers were advancing to the cemetary
should we get out and try to fight back
is revenge a supportable answer?
abstract war, the ultimate
lets go, that's what you wanted
do you have your satisfaction?
of course no more need to say
abstract war we take their lives
lets go, we are drinking only blood
and the resolution in that we fight a full scale war
we had just begun another heavy battle
toxic gas is the only thing we breathe
the platoon is slowly dying a way
can't get any air and i know its time to die
when i woke up i knew that i wasn't alone
i saw millions of souls around myself everywhere
i didn't know where i really was
but i knew that i belonged there
[pre-chorus/chorus ]

Letra de Abstract War de Assassin

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