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Letra de Arborescence


Lengthening shadows, in life serene
primordial splendour, thy guardians:thy key!
lost towers of knowledge, as giants they stand
living monolithic grandeur
Inhale the essence, embody the past
earthen chronicles:so ancient!
i hear their choir in the wind
silent echoes:thy tongue of the trees!
Drawn am i to wander elder paths
the lore of mother earth
and with each passing season
amidst ever omnipresent form:her beauty unfolds!
Of wind and fire
water and earth
intra quintessence...the meaning of life!
In silence unfurls creation
the pulse of existence perceived
transformed, unrivalled perfection
illusions mask the unseen...eye!
The burning change of seasons
the sullen shades of night
the rise and fall of oceans
the chill of the forests
...a cycle of forgotten time
Internal, breathes the vortex
feeding the spiral of life...within!
A shining seed of chaos
the thorn in the mind of man
opulent spiral formations
beyond comprehension
Eminent black dimensions
dominion lord abyss
awaken the tree of life...
a breath in a silent forest
an ember to the wind
paradise or perdition
thy inner procession of decay...begins!
Silence the mournful cries
ever...oh so slowly!
the withered tree of life decays
Eternal, breathes the vortex
feeding the spiral of death...within!

Letra de Arborescence de Astriaal

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