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Letra de Assassin


He comes through the night
and is going to be ready to fight
his sword will kill every time it is going for his will
the death has taken you can see his anger in his face
the hate and the fate mixed up because it is far too late
Go assassin, fight assassin
kill assassin, the life assassin
The blood which flows brainless killing for that life will go
metal in your vein is giving them the deadly pain
the bloody useless war will make sense
and thinking really shot
the kill is his will and that's what always has been his drill
Go fight kill assassin
go fight kill assassin
go fight kill assassin
go fight kill assassin
Take a look in his face you'll see power
and glory and real hate
the eyes which cries make you feel so cold
like freezing ice
the real makes you feel like iron, gold
and silver steel
lists of priests can't come help
because he is the beast

Letra de Assassin de Assassin

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