Calypso soul

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Letra de Calypso soul


Oh baby don't say nevermore
just a little time and I will be
Baby I can't stay here today
you know I need only a sunny day

Baby I please follow me in this trip
in a place that make us between
Baby this place is our own
is only one, Calypso soul

Oh tell me if this is a world
every time there is a war
You can't go back, you can't hide
You can only say goodbye

Together we'll go
Together we'll come
Together we'll paint a new sunny world
Together in peace
Together I know
Together we'll stay in Calypso soul

If the colour of the skin
is the problem of your enemy
Try to understand
here we're all brothers and friends

Calypso soul….

Baby I know, this is a dream
and I'm flying home
Yeah Calypso soul…
I feel like a bird
Calypso soul

Letra de Calypso Soul de Askers

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