Cathedral of space

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Letra de Cathedral of space


She drives away from this place
Sy's she going far to the cathedral of space
Say's the light will shine and clouds will sing her name
We know she's wrong but we let her go....
She's going gone says that she's been here too long
Just got to go away to the cathedral of space
And in her rattled mind a voice calls out loud door open wide
Watcha waiting for come on inside
You see sometimes the same scene everything gets boring
So we let her go
Askin' for motion on a road that doesn't end
A contradiction to our sleepy trend

She's been sanctified and glorified
Blessed by the hand of God she's found love
She's on the road tonight on her stellar way
She's coming back now she's coming back to stay
At the cathedral of space
Movin' south on a northbound train
Across the desserts and the summer plains
She's waking up now cause she's gotta go
Looks at the window at the long road
She's on a road, till the end

Letra de Cathedral Of Space de Wolfgang

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