Deep down the cosmos

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Letra de Deep down the cosmos


Gaze around, fearful sepulchral shadows
standing into the earthy depths
mixture of things without size and color
images passed along in the most marvelous dark
copies of the same sand thrust, to be the only creep
vast wilderness of undiscovered creatures
present the underworld twice in my eyes
Dimension out of man's site
out of light, out of shadows
reality is down beyond seasons and process
corruptions and forms from objects and life
excels the life of micro cosmos
the unseen communities within every existence
the inside of the intrinsic life
Nothing beyond underworld's essence
shall issue to shine their darkness
for their fate lies upon abhorrence
weak to the sunshine
strong to resist beneath the blanket of ground
Away they stand of mortal pain
creatures live along with their shape
ignorantly are passing through their limits
and life is secure from any pain
Naked spirits all around
growing into the forever lost dark vale
settled to behave madly
hosted to serve the unknown
gathered to the empty part of earth
to the helliest region of varathron

Letra de Deep Down The Cosmos de Astarte

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