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Letra de Emotions

Alternative Allstars

I´m going through emotions, its hard to let it show,
my ship sails through the oceans, without a place to go…
and i can´t find the answers that you already know
i´m going through emotions with you!
the waves surrounding me, making waves inside of me,
i feel lost, nowhere i see, a troubled soul like me,
and i can´t find a harbour, in this darkness endlessly !
i´m waiting for a light to set me free!
i´m going through emotions…
i thought i´d let you know, i´m nothing without you,
you´re the rock that i cling to, only you can pull me through!
and there´s this thing back in my past, makes my life seem overcast,
so take this shadow off of me and set me free….and take a ride with me!!
i´m going through emotions, its hard to let it show,
forgive me when i say, i lost you along the way,
how i wanted you to stay,
now i´m afraid i´ll go astray.
and i don´t wanna live, if you don´t make me shine!
but i don´t wanna die!
i´m going through emotions!

Letra de Emotions de Alternative Allstars

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