Emperor worm

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Letra de Emperor worm


I was once one of you til you put me here on this
throne I am just like you so why now do you cast
the stones do you believe me am I that ugly in all
of your eyes you do not hear me why aren't you
listening to all my cries if you were here were I
sit would you have done any less all the things I
did do was made in your interest but now you turn
on me as if I haven't head you all well one slip
that's it and I'm through in my own words you can
all go to hell so listen to me I'll tell you
firmly what's on my mind I stand before you as
bare as ever I wear no diguise now bow to the
emperor worm the emperor worm you deserve I'm sick
of all that you say all your fingers pointing my
way I'm like this cause of you I've only done what
you still now do yet now that I'm here but one against
you all like vultures you pick into me the scapegoat
that must take the fall don't you believe me am I that
ugly in all of your eyes you do not hear me I'll make
you listen to all of my cries

Letra de Emperor Worm de Wolfgang

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