Fate's theorem

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Letra de Fate's theorem


Part I: Denial
Here I walk away, with nothing but memories ahead.
The sun stares at my eyes.
And here, does it matter if I fear now?

Part II: Anger
As I drive far from our corporeal life thoughts come running through my head.
I'm calling out your name without an answer.
I walk alone for now...

Part III: Bargaining
I woke with the sun in my eyes, white sand in my feet.
And in this dream she was standing next to me, smiling back at me.
And she said: "You're alive"

Part IV: Depression
Is this my dream? Is this my life?
Is this my truth? Is this my lie?

So many thoughts, consuming me...
There's a cold here in my heart, bleeding me out. Bleeding me.
There's a cold here in my room. On the bed sheets on the floor.
I got the gun. I reload...

Op - 911 Bozeman County, what is the address of the emergency?
Caller - I... It's 100 Johnstone street, apartment 419.
Op - What is the emergency?
Caller - I... I just Heard a gunshot in the apartment next door.
The apartment where the shot was fired is number 421.
Op - Ok, I need you to stay in your apartment, police are on their way. Can you tell me the color of the building you're in?
Caller - It's... Em... A White building with a glass door.
Op - Ok, I need you to stay with me on the phone until the police arrive. Do you know the name of the person...do you know the person that lives in there?
Caller - No. I've just seen him a few times. The last time I saw him he was acting weird. His wife had just died, you know?

Part V: Acceptance
And when the endless night comes.
Will I still know that I lived? That I did everything I could to survive?
That I lived each second as if it was the last?

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