Freezing over morning

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Letra de Freezing over morning

Witness (UK)

I don't need to make no friends, to turn on no charm
i just need some good luck and some money
i'm willing if not able, i am stretched to my limits
it won't take very much more to break my mind
so i'll watch a stable life drift by, it's out of my range
this morning paid me back my fear and it let me keep the change
where are we going to stay
how wet is the river flow do you know, how long is the day
i'm dropping out of focus like my eyes are a screen
the people they've forgotten me, my development is flawed
i don't take what's offered me i don't get what i ask for
sometimes i stride like royalty while other times i crawl
there's days on end that pass me by here, when i don't move at all
i don't need no cigarette i don't need no muse
i don't need no guidelines explaining to me how to lose
how's this thing going to land
how deep is the note that was wrote from the depths, how loud is the band
our times we are the same soul, we are sections of the one whole
i couldn't expect very much more, because all the youngest things get old
i'm dropping out of focus like my eyes are a screen

Letra de Freezing Over Morning de Witness (UK)

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