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Letra de Gimme

Assisted Living

Gimme piece of mind.
what i hear what i fear aint real.
just my state of mind,
i define. it's time to know.
all the things that you want that you think that you need they aint the dough, so let em go.
gimme time, gimme time to speak my mind.
if i tell the truth is it hard to define?
and if you see the light will you try and read the signs?
if you want what's mine you'd better know the line.
gimme more, gotta up the score.
taking back from the jack, talking smack no more.
this way of living is beginning to be a bit of a bore.
gimme more.gimme more.
open the door to what your in it for.
this kind of life is beginning to be a bit of a bore.
gimme more.
you take what you want, and you don't think of anyone.
you try to act like a man, but your just a fool.
you think your cool and you think your clean, but you don't know what it means.
the higher that you climb the further you fall.
you will lose because greed consumes you.

Letra de Gimme de Assisted Living

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