Got rice (part 2)

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Letra de Got rice (part 2)

Asian Pride

if the integra and civic switchin four lanes with the pedal down, peelin' out,racing aint a thang
Looking hard in a type r, flashed up bangs, with the windows black emblems jacked, racing aint a thaaang
Jigga i dont like it if the rims bling bling, and the hell with the chrome cause the racing aint a thang
Down hard for my chinks thats locked in the game, when i shift gears no fear, racing aint a thang
Y'all wanna f*** with us, cause all across the lanes we burn it up, drop a couple of inches baby low enough, smokin while we bump it, turn it up, see the racing aint a thaaang

[verse 1]
i, zip up my car with the rx accamodo, asian style's love, f*** the hoes, burn all my gasoline just for show, my game is fly my ride is fly, tryin to stay alive, 11 valves for the custom, rich aint i, the paint will strain your eye, brand new greddy son, aim for the sky, fear the bottle in the back, yeah its nos, white boys wanna f*** with us, your money's too young, stop it trying to copy us, ya make me wanna throw up,
minded 972 dial us up damn near all my rear weaf when i roll up, body kit and clear lights-its all basic, i've been spitting style since i've had shoelaces, rob your stash here double out down in texas, me and joey got it locked crazy


[verse 2]
(rapper 1)h.c. i live the life, eatin rice watchin ladies suck my dick all night, i wear the big boots, the big jeans, o.g. hangin out with all the big teens, big love with the big cars, loud ass intake, girls they say i'm the shit man, type of asian that you need in the crew, type of dude that'll do shit you wont do,can't do,
get more burned with my turbo, too fast to race, too fast for your ho in the black windows, you know, when you race i go stop by with my ride and i got ta say no mo, i'm the true fly playa, got the pimpin' state fly with the tightest cars you could never drive, know why, cause i write the songs that the asians sing, got rice bitch? hell yea its me in


Letra de Got Rice (part 2) de Asian Pride

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