I love bob

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Letra de I love bob

Ass Ponys

They were eighteen and twenty-four
he told her he had been to war
she loved him from the minute that he spoke
she took him in he had her pegged
she took a razor to her leg
you could hardly read it through the blood
it said 'i love bob'
On the third day it began to rain
she said "bob i just can't stand the pain"
he said "catch a ride hey, babe, i gotta go"
so she drove down to emergency
and the nurse in the infirmary
cleaned it with an antiseptic swab
it said 'i love bob'
It's been fifteen years, she's thirty-three
five years ago she married me
misfortunes of the past have been discussed
but sometimes now when she's alone
in bed or taking off her clothes
she traces with her fingers around the scars
it says 'i love bob'

Letra de I Love Bob de Ass Ponys

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