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Letra de Infinite

Assemblage 23

Like a grain of sand
swallowed by the desert
like a drop of rain
that falls from darkened clouds
I am overwhelmed
i stand here awed and humbled
at the feet of giants
whose shadows stretch for miles
staggering and infinite
and full of ageless grace
the universe seemed limitless
without any time
without any place
staggering and infinite
the beauty of it all
i feel insignificant
never have i ever felt so small
Like a century
that passes in a day's time
like an endless loop
that shudders to a stop
The world redefined
an existence without boundries
i am overcome
i am lost within it's scale
Like a drop of rain
swallowed by the desert
like a grain of sand
that sinks beneath the waves
Even the greatest peak
will one day wear to nothing
even the deepest sea
will one day dry to dust

Letra de Infinite de Assemblage 23

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