Last night it snowed

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Letra de Last night it snowed

Ass Ponys

Last night it snowed
powdered sugar cedars lined the road
they looked good enough to eat
but i don't think i would
i can't imagine that they'd taste too good
a blanket white
at least it was when it came down last night
the morning brings the rain
the blanket's washed away
now everything turns back to grey
and now you're there
the rain is falling, wetting down your hair
i hate to be the one to say i told you so
but i believe i might have told you so
so live and learn
the snow is melting, never to return
cross your t's and dot your i's
and write the end,
maybe someday it'll snow again
last night it snowed

Letra de Last Night It Snowed de Ass Ponys

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