Pale rider

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Letra de Pale rider


From outer space he came to this world
To conquer and rule – nothing is safe
To suck it out like a spider a fly

By his mental strength he controls
The mankind and gave religion
But their gods are so far away

It doesn’t matter how many will die
It doesn’t matter how many will cry

He is the Pale – Pale rider
The bringer of death, suffer and pain
Pale – Pale rider
The lord of destruction is his name

Behind the clouds their lives a tribe
In a cold world where all life will die
They wait for – for the helping hands
All treasure he found here on this earth
And at other planets he robbed too
In thousands of years of his endless pain

I am the Pale rider searching for superiority
The world where I live is like hell so dark
All hate around me I can understand
But my tribe is dependent at all energy you have.

Letra de Pale Rider de Wizard

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