Pretty as you please

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Letra de Pretty as you please

Ass Ponys

Thirty candles on the birthday cake
she tries to blow 'em out
does her best but leaves
the one still burning
it's hard to figure out
It's hard to figure out she says
picking up the knife
when she considers how
the one still burning
best describes her life
she runs her thumb along
the knife blade laughing
and cuts the bad part away
reverend father on the t.v. set
bringing her to god
she never met him
never held his hand
she thinks it's pretty odd
She thinks it's pretty odd she says,
picking up the gun
blue pistol in
the screen light glowing
there's a job needs done
she runs her thumb along
the gun sight laughing
and blows the bad part away
they found her hanging
in the neighbor's barn
swinging in the breeze
long legged with
her toes near touching
as pretty as you please
As pretty as you please she says
picking up the axe
she's walking out
beyond the woodpile claiming
she's gonna bring her back
she runs her thumb along
the axe head laughing
and chops the bad part away

Letra de Pretty As You Please de Ass Ponys

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