Punk rock jock

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Letra de Punk rock jock

Assorted Jelly Beans

When i go to shows or go to play the same
damn thing happens everyday
you socked that guy cause you thought it was neat
i laugh at you when i see you on the street
individuality, it draws a blank in your head
i'm not on the football team so you, you want me dead
you're so damn ignorant you make me sick
why don't you go suck your coaches dick
punk rock jock, punk rock jock
i got socked by a punk rock jock
punk rock jock, how can this be
i thought punks knew how to read
don't like the music, don't like the scene
kickin' ass with the team
look at that guy, he has blue hair
he must be gay, let's give him a scare
anarchy and touch downs don't mix here
just give me another beer

Letra de Punk Rock Jock de Assorted Jelly Beans

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