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Letra de Ratz


Take one step forward in reverse
it's all for one yet the one we curse
it's all for fun till someone get's hurt
why don't you know congregate disperse
feel abused
yet acting like the enemy
confusing views
what did you expect to be
don'ts and do's
look what it has made of me
even in my paradox i am defined
take one small step back in reverse
what's wrong with us it's like we're dead at birth
must we all drown if we don't get burnt
it's his fault you know the finger pointing curse
take on step forward in reverse
a mad mammal dash to the end of the earth
i wonder now can anything get worse
let's start the race and see who get's there first
so take one small step back in reverse
when the ship goes down what will it all be worth
like rats we hide when things turn worse
must we be underground for us to quench our thirst
looking at myself i see only myself
staring back at me

Letra de Ratz de Wolfgang

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