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Letra de Ravenwing


Over the mountains across the sea
come the men of eternal night
hooded disciples of misery
leading the evil crusade
Through forests of darkness in faraway lands
obeying the spell of the priest
with hearts made of iron and bullets of steel
delievering goods to be seen
Winds of winter still blow
through the trees
wounded warriors fall
on their knees
Before the ravenwing
faces from the past return with dreams
rise ravenwing
high above the holy battlefield
Beyond the rainbow in no mans land
where armys prepare for the fight
the chains of a savage from caves in the north
break as the dawn fades to black
Chaos and mayhem in wastelands of hate
and storms turning cities to dust
the men of the night standing by for the pain
with fear in the hearts of the damned
...and into the stargate we raised
on a solid foundation

Letra de Ravenwing de Altaria

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