Realm of rain (crystal, chapter one)

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Letra de Realm of rain (crystal, chapter one)

A Canorous Quintet

Misty shadows grips the heart
souls reunite in order of chaos
[*] wnite knights guards the treasures of dreams
in the centre of the storm a man is to emerge
to find the pleasure beyond the lost horizon
now hidden beyond a realm of rain
Entering the vein of black
blood runs red in seas of sorrow
tne sun burns grey in a cloudy sky

Many questions why?
it's time to leave this earthly palace
the crystal is stolen, as worlds collapse
reality disappears, shaking in disgust
the crystal leads astray

A foul taste of truth
blood runs red in the flow of forever
springs of salt runs down the face
left alone in silent disgrace
As the leaves slowly falls to the ground
forever captured spirits of life
the pathis gone without a trace
lost in a universe of deceit
but somewhere in the distant
(a light breaths its last sigh)

Letra de Realm Of Rain (crystal, Chapter One) de A Canorous Quintet

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