Resistance (the rebellion)

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Letra de Resistance (the rebellion)


We are the fallen ones
begin the resistance
the moon has changed day into darkness
as we are kissed by funeral winds
marching toward the horizon
in fragmantic grim atmospeheres
when the mysterious touch of darkness whispers
and hidden we will spread our wings
(so) may the night carry our minds to revenge
(we) seeking the path to end up in glory
in the shimmering and burning firmament
summoned we stand with dying feelings in our hearts
prepared to start the dance of pure violence
frozen silhouettes, beyond thy firmament, awaits those who cannot win
across the ocean of clouds we arise like a storm of everflowing tears
preludium of the forsaken, the tragical horizon of peace
Oh crimson beauty - dark sculptured entity
embraced in silence - eternal apathy
oh crimson beauty - fortress to bury me
welcome my glory - angels of jealousy
So outside the gate we stand to enter once again the halls of false eternity
a supreme shimmering spectrum offers, tormented cosmic chaos
enchanted symphonies of dawn lurk beyond, thy profane cryptic soulentrance
thou darkest dreams an astral solution
welcome rebellion the nocturnal resistance
Oh crimson beauty - sponsored so heavenly
night's protecting me - of angelic apathy
oh crimson beauty - i'm introducing me
create obscurity - heaven thy destiny
Seduced in solitary dreams in harmless romantic forced whispers
return to the pure sound of innocence the power of the night
oh solution
the second storm rebellion, the profane resistance
this time thy delirious heaven shall be mine forced gentle to kiss my profane mind
and all stars shall shine on velvet streamed illusions to the glimmering blaze of glory
look at the heaven, the angelic forsaken sky of bitterness
come forth, far beyond, to the astral grave
(to the abyss millennium asylum of peaceful tyranny)
Oh crimson beauty - of sculptured memory
forsaken centuries - your ancient symphonies
oh supreme angels - of tortured agony
i'll bury peace - for perfect harmony

Letra de Resistance (the Rebellion) de Astaroth

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