Revere the labyrinth

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Letra de Revere the labyrinth


Solemn vision, a darkness so pure
in thine wrath bequeathed
oceans born (upon) shores of creation
cosmic order
for i am one with thee:one with thee!
Grand abyss thy seething entity
in mythical visions conceived
astral liege command the labyrinth
sovereign order, infernal decree

For i bleed with the rivers
for i breathe with the wind
for i roar with thunder
lost are they:unknowing!
I alone revere thee!
I channel emotions of elder insight
unbound i've travelled horizons beyond
vermilion shadows betray the light
my descent of spirit a mere passage in time
Eye:of night's desire, i:of earthly flesh
inner dimensions, darkness infinite
Illusionary visions
of lost aeons deceived
labyrinth of knowledge
arise before me
the shadow gates
Grant me thy key!

Letra de Revere The Labyrinth de Astriaal

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