Rimandola (ft apache con rotwaila) (english lyrics)

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Letra de Rimandola (ft apache con rotwaila) (english lyrics)

La EmineMCa

For that to what you can not do this
that you can not sa sa sa sa do this.

Apache :

Say , Yes I Do.

When my voice connect with the audience and select mic
Ready in effect creates addict
Is the position is the aspect
The tessitura and dialect
Pacesetter when I walk and my style project
Tell me if it is wrong ?
Or do you see out of context
For defects and analyzing all my texts
They say they are prospects
Because they have won a case since
But I bet you did not make even a gesture
When they hear this
keep annoying
Encilla horses ready Lancers
And wait for the order to attack that will give them their warrior
The battle cry will die fake rappers
And they live all sincere that have high gender
Is the APA in papi zigzakity or Makanaky
Beside the emineMCa rotwaila in pencil and do not stoping
The capital captain beheading those who want raking
Defacing the making since 99 rating
ket wakin fuc*** wake of that delay
I get bitter with something to dismiss them from office
Rhyme is the long-barreled charge you instrumental
And I downloaded all the darts that I keep here
However I still even
Crushing you patatún style as a motherfuc*** And giving kabum
No singing or with AUTO -TUNE
Lower the boom kataplum reach over and throw me zoom in
That this is doom doom Direct to your temple from the mines . Blue :

Not the end of the world is to perceive it as we saw
Compa and believe are good we join
So and so consumed with lime mortal phenobarbital
They dream of the pedestal
Sitting where we write them
And who will be adrian blue AB
First ABC
Since I started the show really relax wakened
And tell whoever you want
( vengooooo ) cutting tail and ear
So do not want to and mama! Thousands voice is not singing my shrink
Become a proof of slavery you
One of dozens that have a plasma without dinner
Asma gives full moon fortnight and " howl " domesticated wolves boobies
Rescue RAP silver bullet to a picky criticized
Sadomasochist in me knows first lists mierrr
peace sing three sad tigers unable to read write
A cock ! believe pa ' view be
What is learn to access
And ask yourself pa ' where the hell is the system?
mamañema this issue is full gem slingshots
Or Chinese girls squealing because mama is violent
Sales increase
My lyrics are not bought
Send the pa ' Jupiter estréllense train and make me Rotwaila :

You spits you repress
Sing and become free
Boost the hands loudly nobody forbids
Feel the beat of drum box each time you breathe
Plasma painful words pa ' that bring healing load
If you look at the pencil like a ojilla in which I
Will cut the cords of fear that I brake
The steps that made ​​me to live a delay
Good sparse hug cases
Points of failureascooo !
When I saw if I ever saw in my
In Mc mtv millonary win a grammy
Depression was the best lesson
That God gave me Well I showed the true faces one day charge
Hate !
I always try to remove him But every time I write
Without help it enter my mind
It tempts me sitting next to me
My hand still book
You decreed against flies die
The time with ticking
Toads with their click- clack
The evolution and the big bang
The west coast with his 2pac
My pipe pa ' who climbs
My nails pa 'tu Pepa
My butt pa ' your neck
The micro your rotwa
Even to get the interest
From puppet escoñetar
And open their sphincters
Evil with pencils and apply
Needless to beg and implement
The stupidity that unifies rap
Lubricate his ears and began to rape .

benzine :

Yeeeaah !
Errand dice trodden , stunned ,
Results , tied , altercations
Serian cataloged the most hated us!
I have put together rhymes like death life moron
And my soul is the weapon that has armed me but value
My lord if my if - labas washed living minds
Among people authorities listeners
We criticize
It is for me here in the rap those that ali baba
With the bla bla that engage their songs not clas-sified
Click clack modes modify and change
A couple of things that plague the prose that dare to sing
Ar and ¨ eh kaki aka aka poop here with us throwing spears
In comments adversaries tummy
To tame rising
Proudly pussy fist shoot
My sentences are aces
Almost no trance at your fingertips
With the loose bun resolved
I 've become engulfed in flames
Call 911
You ent11 certainly give me more fame
Love more of a singer
Pa ' me no opponent to sing
To my competitors and gentlemen
That's why I do not compete
If you do not write to be overcoming my own songs
Once you think stress three o'clock and writing
I make dreams come true when you dream actually sleeping
Doing what is driving me crazy
It is what I feel
Sorry ideas a leaky roof arguments
Advent wind with bad breath resentment
and to ' what I'm putting in ink on separate sheets
Oja - alah him the wings to the waves ladies
That now gives them to throw loose rhymes
This wet but not soaked potato layers appears
Esses that often criticize me
Two of the emineMCa doing hip hop with "H" to " Haché " with apache in the pan rotwaila guaira God 's fire.


The kputo is BeatMaker , Jorge Herrera is on the Mac
Colgal in production and we in the Hip Hop
The Records of the Root and Rotwaila emineMCa and Apa
Full Rap Criollo this is called

Here almost all are crazy ... mmm
Jajajajajajaja !
OMG! Better be nice to these people
because everyone seems to beCRAZY ! Crazy crazy ...

Letra de Rimandola (Ft Apache con Rotwaila) (english lyrics) de La EmineMCa

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