Screenwriting an apology

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Letra de Screenwriting an apology


She called last night still waiting for a reply.
this static contact is pulling us apart.
please hang up on tight,
i'll see you through the night.
You have me still be because i'm breathing,
although it has slowed down.
please don't cry because i'm leaving.
i hope i see you soon.
Exchange the sunshine for brown eyes and dark skies,
replace this dull life with you.
i know it's tomorrow,
she's waiting for something to feel alive.
You know me too well,
she's sorry and i can tell.
scene missing, fade to black.
you're acting all this out again,
Just wake me when it's over,
when the curtains raise,
it's time to move on.
exit now, credits rolling,
the girl who stole my heart.
the one that got away...

Letra de Screenwriting An Apology de A DAY IN THE LIFE

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