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Letra de Second life

Witness (UK)

No more mistakes
i'm coming around again
call if you want me, call if you want me
i remember losing my way and then
winding up here, winding up here
closing down on all i can
closing down on all
to fall into place
you're bleeding me dry again
i'll do the chasing, i'll do the chasing
i'm younger than you know
into the womb crawl into the womb again
don't look behind you, don't look behind you i don't
sit and fake the form for hours
like it's full of care and real substance
i'm still getting hit with the occasional wave but i can ride it
when i hear the locks turning, i'll
hide behind the door and then
if it's my shadow coming in
i'll kill it with my bare hands
closing down on all i can
closing down on all i can

Letra de Second Life de Witness (UK)

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