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Letra de Stations


Did you know that you're liking you
too much
Don't even ask for the money or
the reason you were born
So you think you're the feather with
the touch
Don't even ask for a reason 'cause
you know you would ignore
Do you think you would listen to
You're the one with the message
'I will go at any price'
I could say you are looking really
But I'll be laughing when you're
talking with your head an empty

Do you know about the lines this
Do you always try to stay in touch
Down goes the money and for no
good reason
Are you trying just a little too
much If you think for a second you will
No one else but yourself could
give a second of your time
to a scene I am baffled to compare
Don't even ask me coc you know
that it will drive you to despair

But you could never try to say so much
Down you're feeling down on luck
Could you ever say you get too
trawling all the casters

Letra de Stations de Wilt

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