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Letra de Steel


Beneath your calm,
Behind your smile,
You hide away your lies,
Intimidating, Manipulating,
The truth is in your eyes.

My days and nights get longer,
Winding on and on.
Love lost hours make us hard.
You are power mad,
I think that's sad,
Real powers in our hearts.

We live our way,
Not how you say.
Our blood, our sweat,
We have no regrets.

Tough as steel,
Never show the pain we feel,
Because we were tough as steel.

Every hour we are stronger.
Inside us grows the rage.
We cannot remain immune.
To win you must kill.
You'll never break our will.
Our aim for glory is true. Paint the Town Red

Gold's not all that glitters,
And penniless fools cry in there beer,
Staring at broken down castles,
Eyes filled with cheap whiskey tears,
Cursing the things that they never drink away,
Things that they did,
Waiting for nothing for ever,
While you and me Paint the town Red.

Paint the town Red,
Paint the town Red,
Put a gun to my head,
If we don't Paint the town Red.

Paint me a lady from paradise,
A stiletto heeled bitch of the night.
They scream and they'll cuss while we kick up the dust,
We'll burn like a comet tonight!

Paint the town Red - Get out of bed,
Fix up your hair,
I got paid and I'm bored,
Lets paint this town red.


Baby my truck is rolling,
My wheels are turning fast.
Won't you be my hitch hiker?
Climb aboard while you still can! Darlin' this trucks a sly bitch,
I can't let it slow down.
I got dreams packed up and loaded and I'm headed out of town!

Baby the city's calling!
Ready for a guy like me!
See the pretty starlight twinkle like a poor boys fantasy.

Renegade! High Roller! I'm Loco, Loco - motion!

About the sweetest smile I've ever seen,
Her eyes are shining there,
There for me!

Renegade! High Roller! I'm Loco, Loco - motion!

About the sweetest smile I've ever seen.

Hey Babe

Hey Babe
I wish that I could tell you
Just how this situation feels
I'm not, I'm not one for fancy verses
Where all your feeling get revealed
Hey Babe, I miss you
Babe, I still feel you

Hey Babe
You said you live for love
Rain falls like tears from up above
Babe, I know you won't be back
Hey, hey babe
Hey, hey babe

I wish that I could hold you
All night and watch you while you sleep
Touch you, touch your skin and hear you breathing
Pretend that you are mine to keep
Hey Babe, I miss you
Babe, I still feel you

Loving you was easy
Easy to mess up
Now blue moon marks the days of good love
My faith is in a bottle
Or pours out from the can
And if I told you I was crying
Would you still think I'm a man

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
Hey Babe

Totally Nude

She wore her heels like a woman with a cause,
Dressed like a sinner,
And I wanted to see more.
The moon was rising slowly when she took hold of the reins.
I was overdriving,
Overloaded - I was insane.

Every inch a lady,
Sharing every inch of me,
Every inch a woman,
Everything a woman could be.

Totally Nude,
Totally Nude - on a midnight breeze,
Her and me,
Breakin' all the rules.

I need her love just like I need to breathe.
She poured her love all over me.
A night can be a lifetime,
When you're on your own.
Crazy, bad down to the bone.

Kathy Wilson

Twilight ebbs and slowly,
Heaven sparkles light.
From pin pricks in nights curtain,
Something comes to life.
A star is falling, tearing though the dark.
In the morning,
Darkness fills my fathers heart.

A distraught David calls at Kathy's house.
\"Mrs Wilson something's wrong with Kathy.\"
\"Don't be silly David Kathy's OK\"
At the police station a concerned sergeant is on the phone.
\"Hey Doc, I've got little David here,
Would you come over and take a look,
He seems pretty upset.\"
Scared, alone and huddled in the corner of a cell is David. The Doctor enters and asks softly,
\"Now David what's the matter?\"
He hesitates
\"First Doctor can I see the back of your neck?\"

When I asked Dad about his neck he said he caught it on Barbed wire in the dunes,
But there's no barbed wire over there,
And he hit me and Dad never does that.
I called for my best friend Kathy on the way to school.
She acted like she didn't even know me
And she had the same mark on her neck.

The police chief is possessed she put a probe inside his head.
Mom and Dad are acting strange I think they want me dead.
Stuart Kelso will believe me,
I know that they are here.
I saw them from my window,
Into the ground they disappeared.

Could be a mother ship on Mars,
And mutants all around.
Better tell the General,
War is waiting underground.

A few billion miles away,
They came from outer space.
Now all hell's breaking loose,
Down at little Kathy Wilson's Place!

All Hells Breaking Loose Down at Little Kathy Wilson's Place! Was inspired by the 1953 sci-fi movie \"Invaders from Mars\"

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