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Letra de Stupid

Ass Ponys

The day begins like another day
i hear a sermon it must be sunday
words are echoing all around
coming through the fog
on my elbows i look around
nothing here but the sound
of breathing
all the pillows are in a pile
and the blanket is off
i thought the windows
were made of glass
i thought the patterns
were on the ceiling
i thought the pictures
were parallel
i thought that i knew it all
i didn't know i was stupid
i didn't think i was stupid
i couldn't tell i was stupid
i didn't know it at all
i get a call from a good friend
and oh i'm alive again
she says she's in for the weekend
and just happened to call
i try keeping her on the line
saying whatever comes to mind
she says it sounds like you're doing fine
and leaves me climbing the wall

Letra de Stupid de Ass Ponys

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