Symphony for a requiem

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Letra de Symphony for a requiem


As death comes over me
my heart will beat no more
and my eyes will close forever
i'll take my last breath and wait;...................and wait
I see my mortal skin, from a place of gold
now free from my coffin, a seperate life in freedom;.....endless
Confronted with a light of live
legions of peace will take my soul away
I searched the dark, denied the light,
give praise, be proud to (and) worship the night
Another lord the fallen one, you know his name, awaits my soul
dark angel called, icon of the underworld, my promised god
come now, creature of onethousand names, bring me away,
my king of sacrifice
This was for you, this was for me, this was my ritual suicide
a requiem for the light - is a symphony for the night
And with the night, came the death

Letra de Symphony For A Requiem de Astaroth

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