The bitch

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Letra de The bitch

A Dead Giveaway

Johnny johnny's got a girlfriend and that bitch has gone away
Pretty pretty how she was, she left with his best friend
Johnny johnny full of pain, was not able to understand
“honey, honey” let him down, said his ex-best friend
Johnny johnny's got a picture of her on his living wall
Ugly ugly she is not, he loves her all alone
Johnny johnny feels her body as (if) she was still in his bed
Dirty dirty relation has killed all Johnny's dreams

I forgot to say that Johnny's never been a good boyfriend
Many times before she left Johnny slept away
With different females spent his nights lying to his family
What's coming now for johnny johnny is to live alone


Johnny johnny is so proud that nothing would have let him down
Anything could happen now worst than it indeed
Hurry hurry (it's) not too late for this guy to meet a girl
When johnny goes to the pub, it's to get a pray
Johnny johnny is so great that he found many women
Never more than a night long, enough to make him strong
Sorry johnny to explain your story to those young men
But you are an example one day you'll understand

Letra de The Bitch de A Dead Giveaway

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