The last man

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Letra de The last man


In a day of 1999 it had to happen
the result of man's stupidity became real

Death smell is everywhere
in their nicely worked out war plan
Through the sky come rockets down there people are scored
everybody does try to save his own everywhere in town
on the run the people turn to animals
love and hate does not exist here more
no more hope
Which led to the world's last breath
fire does control our world till the end
go fight stand up if you are not scared
tell them the people are dead
The merciless radioactivity spread real fast
burning skin makes the pain a torture, everybody gets blind
can`t feel hot and cold no more, it is so strange
listen to the people helpless screams, it is too late
Moving forward slowly and together we are strong
we will tell them what we are thinking
about their bloody war
and we stop the war and there will be no hate
and we will together rule the world peacefully

Letra de The Last Man de Assassin

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