The millennium (embodiment forsaken)

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Letra de The millennium (embodiment forsaken)


Icon of senseless peace, 2000 years are enough
greetings to spirits to thy saints, prepare thy aura for their last pain
you'll stand confused in epic shadows
beyond these velvet tears we will wait
Total eclipse is rising
to mourn with pleasure to my heart
once we all were united
once we all were hostages of god
embraced beyond thy grave
no whisper ever shall escape
a perfect winged asylum
for weak, depressive, tortured entities
On blazing moon, in darkness we exist
when the horizon invites the sun
shadows dancing, a designed odium
(monumental anthems) - millennium
Apathic, phlegmatic angels
so silent in thy place of peace
without delicious pleasure
forced sacred to souls of disease (educated tragedies of wrath)
forever independent - forever special hate to thou
On the day we lost our souls
covers the time when we will come to rule
forlorn, forsaken and unrest fallen silence
an ancient sphere shall die in the scars of heaven
The tainted moon so cold is waiting in harmonic twilight
maybe soon oh my lord we are thy special gathered end
thy finishing move
out of the depths, not heaven sent we come to celebrate our glory
in revolving honor we will spread our wings and fly away
millennium (once you were the first of us)
With fear gods' tears are flowing
when all our banners reached the sky
imagine we all were so human
before his light came down to heal
with strength we seek the hunted
oh spirit of the night, we shall promise revenge by your sign
Darkness, in darkness we shall be- and hell shall open for thy fall

Letra de The Millennium (embodiment Forsaken) de Astaroth

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