Time without end

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Letra de Time without end


I look through the hourglass waiting for time to pass
the hours are like old traces of lines in the sand
it seems i've strayed from the path somehow
lost in memories of old tomorrows
Not recalling where i am, i stop for a moment in thought
a voice calls out to me in the darkness of my imagination
take my hand and walk with me, for i will show you the way
take my hand and walk with me, for i will lead the way
Your dream of that which lies beyond, but once you're there, there's no turning back
when you walk with me, your fate has been sealed until time without end
desiring to be enlightened at every cost, not matter the consequence
a weakness greater than you will ever known, for the means justify the end
A moment seems like a lifetime in this mindset
as if time stand still, yet the sand seeps down at a steady pace
i bend my thoughts in contemplation, challenging accepted insight
in deepest thought i am as time runs out, and there is no turning back now

Letra de Time Without End de W-inds

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