Wait a minute

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Letra de Wait a minute


Now wait a minute, I just thought
About a brilliant idea
We get some puppies and a monkey
And we set it up right here
And don't you worry, settle down
Enjoy the funnies no my dear

And all the rest will come straight
To us
Get a crowd to gather 'round us
By the time we have our fortune made

You can take home any girl
You can shut up all the world
You can show me what you got
Tell me things I've never heard
You can buy me another drink
You can tell me what you think
You can do just what you like
You just make me want to cry

Tell you what I got a plot
Another salvo of ideas
We get a face a box of pills and then
We set it up right here

Now wait a minute I've just had
Another brilliant idea
We get some matches set a pyre and
Then we let it up right here

Letra de Wait A Minute de Wilt

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