Wake up

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Letra de Wake up

Assisted Living

Better wake up and start believing. you don't know, but you have your reasons. wear me out, then i collapse. it seems like lately i want to relapse.
stare me down then i look away. seems like lately i don't know what to say.
you are much more than i can afford. seems like lately you're just keeping score.
smack my head until i understand. seems like lately i don't give a damn.
everything is all right when we open up all the time. you look at me, look at you and discover things we never knew.
you keep it real and say what you feel. it seems like lately you don't even hear me.
all our time ends up spent on trying hard to defend. why is it so hard to let go? there are just some things we'll never know.
it's been at least a week. i call you on the phone but you still wont speak to me. you have forgotten how. don't look now, better listen to the sound of me as i begin to weep. i wont give up even though it's getting hard to see. you are everything.

Letra de Wake Up de Assisted Living

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