We, princes of darkness

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Letra de We, princes of darkness


When the day get blacker as the darkest night ever
the waters turned to red from the blood of the tortured one
and the vermins marching to the daylight
when the birds of the sky, fall from the quiet trees to
the soil of the earth
Then, the arrivel of his majesty is near
and we, wait with darkest proud
we slaves of the last eclipse
(and) we, await him now
We, princes of darkness
accept no lord of emptiness
we, the princes of darkness
destroy the holy weakness
We are twelve creatures of the allmighty
The lord of thousand cries
the god of all great beasts
six slaves of the horned master
and with us, four children of the night
Mea culpa corpus christi
for we have killed your son
we princes of dakrness
rape the holy whore and destroy your kingdom
The hell will follow us, you will never know our names
with us will come the astaroth, the producer of all pains

Letra de We, Princes Of Darkness de Astaroth

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