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Letra de Yours

Astrid Van Der Veen

So here i am, but i can't explain
i think i wrote a thousand words
but none of them could tell
I think i rather let it show
than tell you with the words i know
'cause that would never do
I think it's good to be with you
i think it's good to feel alive
I miss you more with all you do
i only wish to be with you
and i don't care for what that'll take
I love you more with every sigh
i'm almost yours, just come to me
and come a little closer
And i can't find a nicer friend
and i can't find a better soul
and i know there is no nicer friend
and i know there is no soul, and no heart
like yours
I'll be yours

Letra de Yours de Astrid Van Der Veen

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